Rolling Stock

Other than six ore wagons discovered underground in the mine in the early 1970s, the engines wagons, track, buildings and infrastructure of the original mine tramway was scrapped in 1935 following the closure of the mine.  None of the surviving wagons were available for use on the restored railway and replicas of these and the steam engines were constructed.

Steam Engines

Replicas of the original Stephen Lewin locomotives Ant and Bee were built by Great Northern Steam Ltd of Darlington in 2004.  Although both are of the same dimensions as the originals - it was also decided to retain the unique gauge of 19 inches - there are numerous detail differences such as the positioning of the injectors and pipe work, sight glasses, and whistles. Perhaps the most obvious visual difference is the omission of the straps which held the water tanks in position. As a result of the modifications carried out to the engines following delivery, the two replicas are now not identical.  Both engines also carry replicas of the original Stephen Lewin makers' plates.


Great Northern Steam builders number 20.  Delivered to the Great Laxey Mine Railway on 7th April 2004.  Rebuilt by Alan Keef Ltd, Ross on Wye, in 2007.  Fitted with new boiler in 2011.


Great Northern Steam builders number 21.  Delivered to the Great Laxey Mine Railway on 12th August 2004.  Rebuilt by GLMR volunteers during the winter of 2008/2009.  Fitted with new boiler in 2011. 


Battery Electric Locomotive.  Built in 1973 by Clayton Equipment Co Ltd.  Refurbished and re-gauged from 18 inches to 19 inches by Alan Keefe Ltd. Delivered to GLMR on 22nd May 2009.

Passenger Carriages

No 1. Built by Alan Keef Ltd, Ross on Wye and delivered to the GLMR in July 2004. Four wheels.  Seats 10 passengers on one longitudinal seat. 

No 2. As carriage 1 but with additional glazed windows.  Delivered to the GLMR in August 2007.     

Replica ore wagons

Six unnumbered ore wagons built by The Laxey Blacksmith in 2000.  Although visually identical to the original ore wagons, the replicas do not feature the separate chassis and tipping mechanism.

PW trolley

Built in 2006, nicknamed "Jimmy" and used for a variety of PW tasks.

PW Wagon

Acquired from the Manx Electric Railway in 2010, this small four wheel wagon is believed to have once worked on the small tramway at Ballajora Quarry.  It originally had a gauge of two feet. Nicknamed "Freddy", modified with a wooden flatbed for use on permanent way work.