Station and Gift Shop

The Station is located at the valley garden end of the line at the bottom of the ramp coming down from the junction of Captains Hill and New Road (and oposite Browns Cafe)

The Station shop has been painted inside, has new shelving, new till (better than the cash boxes of the past!), and new stock and will sport a new station sign outside.  The gardens have been weeded and planted to provide a cared-for appearance amongst the rusting old wheels.  (You can tell this has been written by a woman). We ned a volunteer to paint the wheels please!

We will be selling adult size mugs, child's mugs, fridge magnets, coasters and key fobs which will be unique to the railway in that the photos are of the engines.  (Thanks to Andrew Scarffe for the photos and Keith Molloy, out in New Zealand, for the artwork).

The Ant/Bee pin badge will also be on sale.  Some of the first-day covers on sale will also have photos of the railway on them.

We will be selling a selection of the Peter's Railway books, written by Chris Vine, for children from 3-90, so great for presents for children and grandchildren as these books are very moderately priced.  Chris incorporates a story into the books, along with technical details, history and adventure. 

We will also be stocking pocket-money toys such as train hats, whistles, windmills etc.

Second-hand books and pamphlets on railways will still be available.