Ghost Trains

The most popular event operated by the Great Laxey Mine Railway is the "Hop tu Naa" Ghost Trains which are usually operated on the two weekends preceding Hop tu Naa, (for those not from the Isle of Man, this is known as Halloween in the UK).

Follow this link to see the MTTV Hop tu Naa ghost trains

Special effect lighting and spooky noises transform the railway tunnel into a spooky ghost tunnel. Look out for the laughing skeleton, ghosts, witches, spiders, bats and skeletons tea party.

As the train runs along the line, the train operates line side switches, bringing to life witches, a dancing ghost and special spooky smoke. Watch out for Frankenstein's monster - will he try to board your train?

The carriages are specially decorated with ghosts, witches and spiders - dare you sit inside?

As darkness falls, watch the laser light show at the Valley Gardens terminus.

Are you brave enough to ride on the ghost trains this year?

Hop Tu Naa Ghost Trains run on the last two weeks of October, see our Facebook page for full details 

Please note, Explorer Go cards will not be accepted on the Hop tu Naa Ghost Trains.