2017 Projects

The major projects for this winters work have been relaying of some track in the tunnel and track clearance of overhanging branches and shrubs. 

We have also embarked on a repaint of WASP after her mechanical and electrical overhaul last winter. This has proved interesting as various parts have been dismantled which have not previously been removed since WASP was delivered in 2009. 

Underneath the black paint we found a kaleidoscope of colours but the typical Clayton yellow was much in evidence. Once stripped back to bare metal, a coat or red primmer was administered followed by a coat of grey undercoat. Next will be the final coat of Brunswick Green and hopefully some lining out to follow. It has also been suggested that some black and yellow diagonal stripes are added to the front of the battery box as WASP is more of a permanent way loco than a passenger loco. 

Watch this space!