MER Wagons

Volunteers at the GLMR started restoring the three plank open wagon number 8 from the Manx Electric Railway in 2009. The wagon was lifted down to the Valley Gardens Station area where the restoration was carried out over a number of years. New ends and sides were created including the manufacture of the steel brackets and fittings to the original patterns. Number 8 was finally lifted out of the GLMR station yard and placed onto the MER rails in 2012 and was stored in the yard behind the old MER Laxey Goods Shed until permission was granted for its use on special trains during transport festivals on the MER. 

Due to the success of this restoration the volunteers decided to embark on another project involving two covered wagons, number 16 and 3 which were originally used as mail vans when the MER carried and indeed collected mail along the length of the line from Douglas to Ramsey. 

Number 16 started its restoration on the sidings behind the old MER Goods Shed and was completed inside the goods shed during 2015. It is planned to create a display of IOM Post Office information relating to the use of these vans along with other MER objects relating to the carrying of mail on the railway. This work has been kindly sponsored by the IOM Post Office.