Station and Gift Shop

The Station is located at the valley garden end of the line at the bottom of the ramp coming down from the junction of Captains Hill and New Road (and oposite Browns Cafe)

The shop has been painted again for the start of the season and the shelving has been altered to make it easier for customers to browse. 

Last year we trialled Go cards which were a great success so will be accepting them again this year.  What with a “new” till and now Go cards, the Station shop is progressing well from the days when the money for tickets was collected in a leather satchel.

The shop is well-stocked with adult’s mugs, child’s mugs, fridge magnets, coasters and key fobs which are unique to the railway in that the photos are of the engines, Ant and Bee.  (Thanks to Andrew Scarffe for the photos and Keith Molloy, out in New Zealand, for the artwork).

The Ant/Bee pin badge will also be on sale.  Some of the first-day covers on sale will also have photos of the railway on them.

The children’s book, “The Magic Tunnel” is new for this year – a part-fiction, part-fact book about Ant and Bee which is in Manx and English.  The book  will be sold for £5.99 and every penny profit from the sales will be donated to the railway.  There is more information about this book on the “Book and other merchandise” part of the website.  This publication has been supported by Culture Vannin.

We will also be stocking pocket-money toys such as train hats, whistles, windmills etc.

Second-hand books and pamphlets on railways will still be available.

In November 2016 we were very fortunate in being awarded a grant from the Manx Lottery Trust for our gardening project, “Beds from the Deads”.  There are several flower beds dotted around the Station area and this grant has meant that it has been possible to improve the soil quality (very poor up to then) with compost, forest bark and fertiliser.  Last year saw a vast increase in the amount of flowers in the gardens which add a little more to the rail experience.  It is difficult to find someone to maintain the gardens – so if there is anyone out there who would like to be our volunteer gardener you would be welcomed with open arms.